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Welcome to Pressland Printing.

It all started with a love of t-shirts. Cool, wearable, high quality casual apparel is our jam and we’ve been working on our passion project, Locomotive Clothing & Supply, for 15 years.

Along the way, we gained an amazing team and some serious screen printing skills, and we’re thrilled to be now be offering custom printing services to other brands, individuals, teams and businesses.

Working with us will be a bit different than with the big print houses. We’re certainly capable of large scale projects, but will work individually with all clients to create something you love.

A special thank you to our friend Marley for the coolest family illustration.

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Core Values



Value One.

Personalized Service.

We’re a small, Canadian, family run business, and our customer service reflects our values of warmth and kindness.



Value Two.

We work with all budgets.

The printing is always premium, but project budgets are flexible. Whether you need cheap tees for a one-off event, or the highest quality of blank apparel (or anything in between), we are happy to work with your budget and needs.



Value 3.

We take pride in our printing.

Precise printing is what our team is about, and there is over 30 years combined experience to back it up. Attention to detail and high standards are key in the Pressland workshop.

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